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The moment I remembered eye shadow existed, captured in an Instagram photo. #selfiesaturday? #ohno
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99.9% of debate and conversation I’ve seen and, at points, dared to participate in, about the Middle East end up being nothing more than unproductive, emotional finger-pointing, or “wrong-offs” to use a Jon Stewart-coined phrase. Everyone seems to be more interested in being right and having their narrative be the loudest, rather than actually fixing this problem (this is particularly true of those who actually have the power to fix this problem). WE KNOW both sides have their reasons. WE KNOW both sides have colossally fucked up. None of this is new or enlightening information. So what the FUCK should be done about it?? Until people stop the wrong-offs and start coming up with some concrete solutions that recognize and respect EVERYONE’S right to safety and life, I’m done.

"My heart tells me that “never again” is not a tribal slogan, that the murder of my grandparents in Auschwitz does not justify the ongoing dispossession of Palestinians, that justice, truth, peace are not tribal prerogatives. That Israel’s “right to defend itself,” unarguable in principle, does not validate mass killing."
Anonymous: I just watched your videos for the first time and I love how well spoken you are. Just thought you should know :)

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy them :)


"I am a woman and when I think, I must speak."